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It is a source for Old English names of the month, and it also describes saints’ feast days associated with different times of the year.The second poem, known today as , is composed of wise sayings, such as ‘Truth is the trickiest’ and ‘Woe is wondrously clingy: clouds keep rolling’.There are, moreover, many interpolations by later hands, and notes by Joscelin, Archbishop Parker's secretary. Earle and Plummer made these two texts the groundwork of their editions. Otho B xi), is now only known by the Dublin copy and by Wheloc's printed version. The minute and exhaustive investigation of the subject by Mr. This year Christ was baptized; and he converted Peter and Andrew, and James and John and Philip, and the twelve apostles. And a second battle he fought, after mid-summer, at Sherston; and ther much slaughter was made on either side, and the armies of themselves separated.

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This part of its account, which may have originated in London, was very unfavourable to both Æthelred and the Scandinavian forces.

This is the earliest surviving copy of this very important set of annals.

The manuscript breaks off in the middle of the events of 1066, as if a process of composition or copying had been interrupted.

This manuscript of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle is notable for the range of material it includes.

The poem describes how nature and society should be ordered: ‘The dragon should be in his barrow, old, proud in his treasure.

A good working knowledge of Old English language and literature is highly recommended; students who haven’t followed a course in Old English can contact the tutor some weeks before the course starts for an alternative, online means to grasp the basics of Old English.

This copy of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle is preceded by two poems.

One, called the , is a poem on the months and days of the year.

This has arisen from the fact that a date left blank in the original copy has occasionally been inadvertently filled by the transcriber with the next entry, and so caused a general ante-dating of the succeeding annals. A, C, D and E may all be regarded as contemporary chronicles, and not open to suspicion on chronological grounds. And then gathered he his forces for the third time, and went to London, all north of Thames, and so out through Clayhanger; and relieved the citizens, and drove the army in flight to their ships.

A complete analytical edition in modern English, with corrected dates, is still, and must perhaps remain, a desideratum. And then, two days after, the king went over at Brentford, and there fought against the army, and put them to flight: and there many of the English people were drowned, from their own carelessness; they who went before the forces, and would take booty.


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