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While the government stressed upon being literate and increasing the literacy rate and does that even today, Mahatma Gandhi felt that merely being literate was not enough.As per him, it was important to be educated and develop skills that match ones calibre so as to do well in life.

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After going through the essays you will understand what were the thoughts of Father of the Nation on Education.

You can go with any Mahatma Gandhi’s Educational Philosophy essay you choose best for you as per your need and present them whenever required during your school competitions.

Thus, he appealed to make education free for students until the age of 14.

He also wanted education to be made compulsory for all so that no one suffers due to lack of knowledge.

It is often said that we need to increase the literacy rate for the growth and development of the country. He said that merely teaching children to read and write and learn different subjects would not help.

They need to be trained thoroughly to understand various other aspects and grow at a deeper level.

He believed that education must be such that it develops a student mentally, physically, morally, aesthetically and spiritually.

People should be Educated, Not Just Literate The term literacy is often used synonymously with education. He emphasized the need to understand the difference between education and literacy and promoted education.

He could have easily chosen a lucrative career and a settled family life however his love for his country made him dive into the freedom struggle.

He gave up his polished career to join the Indian struggle for independence and gave his heart and soul to it.


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