Writing Your Thesis Dissertation And Research

Writing Your Thesis Dissertation And Research-64
The first step is to choose a broad topic for your thesis.For example, if you are undertaking a Ph D in History, the topic might be as broad as women’s involvement in the Spanish Civil War.

It is not useful to choose a topic that is of immense interest to you if no one at your university has sufficient knowledge in the area to act as your supervisor.However, it is also not advisable to choose a supervisor first and then choose a topic based solely on their research interests, as you may end up studying something that is not of interest to you.Similarly, it is not useful to choose a topic that is immensely interesting to you if there is very little information on the subject.This is a much narrower topic than ‘women’s involvement in the Spanish Civil War’, and thus it is a suitable subject for a thesis.The student would then need to define her research questions.There is nothing worse than being locked in to studying a thesis topic that no longer interests you.Finding a supervisor is an important step in your postgraduate journey and it is something you need to consider when choosing your topic.You will refine and narrow this topic at a later stage.Choosing the topic for your thesis is an important step that requires a great deal of thoughtful consideration. Ask yourself these questions: If you are writing an Honours thesis, you will need to maintain your interest in the topic you choose for at least one year.Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing and writing your research proposal: For tips on conducting your research and using these resources please consult the library guide on Doing Research in the Library and other guides on individual resources.The two areas where you might run into difficulty when writing your thesis are in presentation and content.


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